Friday, August 22, 2008

Sometimes People Just Make Me Laugh

So, I was driving and ended up behind an older model Honda Civic with a vanity plate. The plate read "GASSAVR." I took this to mean that the driver was saying "Yes, i have an old, inexpensive car, but look how much I'm saving on gas!" To me that seems like a silly thing to write on a license plate, but what made me burst into laughter is the fact that this person spent extra money to brag about saving extra money.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Herbivorous Canine

The only window in our house that we can see the neighbors yard and fence from is the master bathroom window. Yesterday afternoon, while I was getting ready for work I looked out that window and noticed one of the dogs, Mr. T, by the neighbors fence. Just on the other side of the fence the neighbors have a garden with watermelons, tomatoes, green beans, and cucumbers. Mr. T was at the fence trying to get his snout as far under the fence as possible. I then watched him pull part of the cucumber vine onto our side of the fence, wrestle a cucumber off the vine,and sit down with it between his paws and start eating it. I laughed so hard!! That goofy dog went out of his way to pick a cucumber and then eat it. After I was done upstairs I went outside just to see if he actually had eaten it, and sure enough it was no where to be found. I wish I had known all along that he was happy eating vegetables. I could have been fixing him a nice salad every night instead of giving him that expensive dog food, and saved a lot of money.